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At Flow Rehab, I treat patients primarily with pelvic health conditions.

I also get to teach yoga in an intimate space, on the fourth floor of the Saturn Building. In January Flow Rehab took over the space I have been teaching a selection of classes out of. This space will house Yoga by Flow, a yoga studio aimed at compassionate intelligent movement classes.

Yoga by Flow will have your typical yoga classes: beginning to advanced and restorative. It will also have class series you can’t find anywhere else: yoga for pelvic health, yoga for rock climbing, no hands yoga and many more as our brilliant teachers stretch their creativity.

In the process of developing the community, I get to find amazing teachers with substantial backgrounds. Creativity and serving the community is our aim. Through class series we will be able to offer educational tracts for rock climbers, those with hypermobility, caregivers, expecting parents and more.

Our workshop line up will be filled with a variety of practitioners to offer the community resources about everything from movement to wellness to tech support.


Join us.

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Kate Bailey